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Mac Community ICQ is based off of the code for Gerry's ICQ. Gerry's ICQ was created by Gerry Beggs in December 1999. On July 22, 2001 Gerry posted the source code on his web site. Eventually, after some discussions on MacNN Forums boards, the Mac Community ICQ project was founded.



Mac Community ICQ's project page on sourceforge has discussion boards, mailing lists, even a place to request features. News and other developments are also posted there.

How To Participate:

Mac Community ICQ is Open Source. Anybody can participate, learn, code, whatever. Even if you don't have coding ability/talent you can still test, write documentation, etc etc. Open software is developed by a team in their spare time. If you'd like to participate, contact the project's admin, Ryan Wilcox (ryanwilcox at mac dot com) with your SourceForge username. (For those who wish to communicate with PGP or GPG, Ryan Wilcox's PGP key is available)

CVS Information
MacCVS Pro is the recommended CVS client, although other clients will work. However, MacCVS Pro is easy to use, and Mac File Format Friendly. For example, command-line CVS will tear up our ProjectBuilder project file, and our resource file. MacCVS Pro will keep various resource forks intact easily. Plus it's very user friendly!

A MacCVS Pro file for anonymous access can be found here

For those of you who really want to check out the project using command-line CVS, here are some things to be aware of:

  1. There is a stuffed version of the Project Builder project file in the cvs tree. _ProjectBuilder/mcicq.pbproj.sit . Unstuff and use.
  2. Resources/mcicq.rsrc is encoded using MacBinary format. Run the file through StuffIt Expander

Browse the CVS Tree
You can browse the CVS tree via the web also.


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